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A Few tips To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

Right after you announce the good news of your conception, it is likely for you to receive tons of advice from your near and dear ones. What’s more, the internet is also flooded with Dos and don’ts for a safer pregnancy in abundance. With so much information about pregnancy flowing all around you, it may be overwhelming for you to choose from. With the same in mind, we have come up with this blog post and put together a couple of tips to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. So, without wasting any time, let us have a look at them in brief:


Take a Prenatal Vitamin

You should take prenatal vitamins even before you start trying for conception. During the first month of pregnancy, the fetus’s neural cord, which gets transformed into the brain and spinal cord later, starts developing. Hence, it becomes crucial to start taking prenatal vitamins ahead of conception itself. Speak to your gynecologist regarding prenatal vitamins.


Educate Yourself

Accumulating information on pregnancy and childbirth as much as possible will ease the journey of your pregnancy. To be completely prepared for delivery, you need to keep yourself educated and informed. You should have a clear idea of every possible thing associated with pregnancy and delivery, for instance, what positions you prefer for labor and delivery, procedures you want to avoid, and that’s just the beginning.


Eliminate Toxins

If you are addicted to certain substances, such as alcohol, illegal drugs, or smoking, you should immediately avoid them completely, right from the time you start planning a pregnancy. Addiction to such harmful substances can lead to birth defects, miscarriage, and other severe pregnancy complications. If you are not being able to maintain a distance from using such harmful substances, see your gynecologist . They can offer advice and support precisely, or refer you to a specialist who can help you in this case.


What causes overflow incontinence in women?

Incontinence is more common in women than men but specific overflow incontinence is more common in men than women. This is due to the enlarged prostate that typically happens in older men or removal of prostate can also cause overflow incontinence. Other causes of overflow incontinence include:

  1. Blockage of urethra, the tube that carries urine from bladder to outside the body, due to tumors, stones, growth of scar tissue, infection etc.
  2. Bladder prolapse can also cause overflow incontinence
  3. Weakened bladder muscles that can’t squeeze the bladder till it’s completely emptied out.
  4. Damage to the nerves which can hamper the communication between the bladder and brain
  5. Certain medications can lead to overflow incontinence.
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